SizeGenetics Canada

Since 1994 there has been a unique, medically approved device designed to increase the size of a penis. SizeGenetics™ has passed many clinical tests proving its worth and value and has passed CE standards.


SizeGenetics Canada edition is similar to methods found in orthopedic surgery. It works by stimulating rejuvenation of cells and compelling traction to the penis resulting in multiplication of cells and adding width and length to the penis.

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How Does SizeGenetics Canada Edition Work

SizeGenetics carry’s out a constant supply of traction regarding the corpora cavernosa. This is what will force the cells in the penis to breakdown and start reduplication. As this process happens, stronger, fresher cells will develop as tissue mass within the penis chambers expand.

The extra blood will then gain access inside the penis while the tissue mass slowly starts to increase the size and over time the result is a thicker, longer penis which becomes permanent.

This discovery was due to a test that took place at a universal interdisciplinary symposium in regards to genitourinary reconstructive surgery. All eighteen blokes that were involved with testing SizeGenetics had a 30% increase to the size of their penis, making it about three inches longer than normal in a few short months.

SizeGenetics offers more than just increase of length and width. It has also been proven to adjust the curvature in a penis 60% and aid in the cure of peyronies and micro penis infections.

SizeGenetics works in two different ways using two completely different technologies i.e. Traction and Exercise.

Exercise: SizeGenetics is accompanied by a Penis Health DVD which provides a regular practice that people can use to improve their erections and strength. So in addition to helping you get a bigger penis the DVD helps with ensuring that your penis is stronger.

Traction: This is something that most penis extenders available in the market today use. The system works by constantly stretching the penis in order to create a space around the Corpora Cavernosa (this is the part which holds most of the blood during a good erection) in order to form new cells ensuring that you get more blood flowing in order to further enlarge your penis.

How SizeGenetics Was Tested?

SizeGenetics Comfort SystemWe are aware of the fact that penis extenders do work extend your penis almost overnight. This is a long process which for some people can take longer than others. On average adding just an inch to your penis using conventional extenders can take up to two months if not more. Our test period was capped at six months during which we expected most of the 10 males we chose to at least add 3 inches to their penis.

Month 1: During the first month all our test subjects added .2 inches to their penis which is not bad. However, it did fall short of our expected 1 inch.

Month 2: During the second month the average size increase was 1 inch. Some of our test subjects especially the ones below 35 managed to also add some girth to their penis which is pretty remarkable.

Month 3: The average increase in penis size was 3 inches. This was a jump from the previous mere 1 inch our subjects experienced. Many of our test subjects added .5 inches in girth as well.

Month 4, 5 & 6: During these months the average size increase was just 1 inch. However, for many men they had already surpassed the size they were aiming for considering that all our test subjects had between 5 – 6 inch penises.

Benefits to Using SizeGenetics Penis Extender System

  • Easily increase size of your penis by inches
  • Recommended by reconstructive surgeons
  • Access to exercises to strengthen erections
  • Designed to aid in curvature correction
  • Control ejaculation
  • Confidence booster

SizeGenetics™ Canada offers a complete system that has been proven to be highly effective as opposed to others such as BathMate and PenisMaster Pro that just offer the device itself found on various websites. It provides everything you will need to have success at enhancing the size, both girth and length of your penis.

SizeGenetics is of high quality and has been proven to be 100% safe to use by experts in the field. You cannot compare it to any other related device in the Canadian market. SizeGenetics™ has the least risk of any other similar device available and has been used by thousands of men with no negative side effects.

SizeGenetics is so easy to use simply by wearing it under your clothes for several hours a day while it supports traction force. No one will ever know you have it on! However, it is recommended you remove the device while you sleep.

Now that you have a better understanding of how SizeGenetics works and how it can truly increase the size of a bloke’s penis, increase your confidence and overall improve your sex life, stop stressing about the size of your penis and give SizeGenetics™ a try right now! – Click Here

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