How to Lengthen Penis – Natural Works Best

Gone are the days when surgery was the only method to lengthen or enlarge a penis. Although many men may be hesitant to admit it, how well endowed they are is considered to be how their manhood is measured- the bigger the penis, the better the man. Fortunately, for those men who need improvement in this area, there is help other than painful, expensive surgery.

Working from the inside out, natural penis enlargement allows the penis to be lengthened in a short time. Through a combination of exercises specifically designed to lengthen the penis, and with the use of certain “traction” devices, most men notice a significant difference in penile length and strength in as little as a few weeks. The longer they exercise, the more growth is attained.

“Stretching” the penis may sound painful, but in reality, it is not. This is what is needed to attain a longer, larger penis. The penis is a muscle that grows like any other muscle when subjected to exercise. Increased blood flow allows the penis to grow and expand, and the more blood flow is increased, the larger the organ can grow. Increases in volume will be noticed quickly if you are faithful to the exercise program and make use of the penis enlargement device. Of course, many men tend to think that the bigger the penis is, the better the sex will be. This may be true to a certain extent, but there is such a thing as being so big the sex can be actually uncomfortable for your partner, so caution must be taken not to overdo the exercises.

Any man who tries this technique will see results, but how much bigger you get will depend on the frequency of the exercises and how motivated you actually are. Under normal circumstances, the average man can expect to see 1 to 3 inches in growth over the period of a few months when using the traction device and be doing the exercises recommended. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t see results immediately because it takes time for the muscles to develop and strengthen. If you were hitting the gym to build up your muscles it would take time to notice results too.

It is not a good idea to measure your penis too frequently. Wait and do this after you have been using the device and exercising for a period of time. You will get frustrated and give up too easily if you measure too early. It is guaranteed that if you do this correctly you will see positive results in the size of your penis. Remember, the more you work at it the better the results will be over time.