Natural Male Enhancement Exercises

Enhance the Size of Your Penis through Exercise

If you feel that the size of your penis is less than what you would like it to be, natural penis enlargement exercises may be the solution. These specific exercises increase the flow of blood to the penis, which in turn helps to increase the size of the erection. Rather than take drugs for enhancement, this natural way works just as well, has no side effects, and is a permanent solution.

Penis Enlargement Exercises and How they Work

Most men feel that they are actually “stuck” with the penis they have been born with, but this is in fact, not true. There is something you can do through penile exercises that can lead to a better sex life once you are familiar with how the penis works to achieve an erection. Basically, there are two chambers within the penis that contain a spongy material. This entire section of the penis is called the corpus cavernosa, and this is where the erection process takes place. During times of arousal, the spongy material soaks up the blood as it enters the chamber, and an erection is attained. The natural penis enlargement exercises strengthen the tissues, which in turn allow more blood to enter the chamber so that a bigger erection may be achieved.

Techniques of Exercising to Strengthen the Penis

If you have never heard of a technique called ‘jelquing,’ here is a brief explanation. Jelquing exercises exert a light pulling movement on the penis, and assist in opening up the spongy area of the chambers located in the penis, thereby increasing the flow of blood and making it possible for a larger erection. Learning the art of jelq and performing it on a daily basis will make all the difference in the world to the man seeking penile enlargement. Natural penis enlargement exercises are a combination of various exercises that are specifically designed to allow any man to increase the size of his erection. To attain results, however, the program must be followed faithfully each day for a period of 10 to 20 minutes in the beginning. Once you are accustomed to the workout, the time can be increased to 20 to 40 minutes. Over time, the muscles in the penis will become stronger and erection size will be noticeably larger.

Comparing this Program to Other, Less Effective Methods

To be sure, there are many other methods that claim to increase the size of the penis. There are male enhancement “pumps” that can be purchased, and while these may work for a time, the effect is not as long lasting as the natural penis enlargement exercises. The same holds true for the “weights” that can be used, but these only increase the length, and do nothing for the circumference and size. Some of these methods can actually cause injury to the user, so in essence, the natural exercises are the only way to increase the thickness of the penis and allow for the erection to be larger and longer lasting.