What is Peyronies Disease

Otherwise known as Peyronies Disease, the curvature of the penis usually affects about 40% of male species to various degrees. More often than not, these men don’t have the notion that they are encountering such problems and they are not even affected by this condition.

The problem usually occur when they actually feel it and experience the problem and how it could cause discomfort for the male and female during sexual intercourse. It could be painful to both partners and it could be impossible for the male to perform this act.

What is Peronies Disease

Biologically, the male organ comprises a large muscle which is composed of many chambers and blood vessels. Peyronies disease crop up when a scar-like plaque builds up alongside the penis. The plaque becomes hard making it impossible for the muscle to stretch and expand in a way when there is erection. This is the reason why the penis has the tendency to lean on the other side as the penis erects. The curve usually lean on the side where there is plaque, it could be from left, right or upwards.

Possible Treatment for Peyronies Disease

The plaques just disappear in time even without treatment. Doctors prescribed vitamins as possible treatment. This could cause problem for the bearer and it could even hamper its growth.

For serious cases, the doctor would suggest penile surgery to the patient by means of grafting or insertions were made into the penis in order to straighten the penis. The effective method of treating this deficiency is by constantly yet gentle way of pulling the penis so make the muscle stretch and prevent the plasques from getting thicker. This motion can take away the plaques and it could even make the penis longer and straighter.

The Effective Treatment of Peyronies Deficiency

The SizeGenetics Canada device is a type I medical device medically proven by doctors to have been effective n curing Peyronies disease. For the first time, a design has been designed to solve the problems of Canadian men. It could help straighten the penis and even make it longer. The device has 16-ways on how to use the comfort system to be worn by the patient to ensure that it won’t be painful on his part while wearing the device even for longer use. There are other imitations of this product that you should avoid because it can be painful for the wearer.

Does SizeGenetics have a Warranty Period?

The SizeGenetics device is protected with full 6 months guarantee. It is a money back guarantee from the manufacturers with transparency which simply says that “if you spend money with this devise and it did not meet your expectation after six months time then you are free to return the said device without further question that could be embarrassing to the buyer.